Saturday, April 05, 2008

water and flowers

Greetings net-o-philes!

Random thoughts for this spring, tho we had SNOW again yesterday.

Bring on the Spring!


Went to the local Conservatory today, oh my, the blooming plants, the aroma was delicious upon entrance, and I suppose would have sent a person with hard core pollen allergies into shock!

Outside the Conservatory, the Crocus were making a valient and very colorful effort to "show their stuff"in spite of the inch or so of snow covering them.

So I go inside, to the warmth and wetness...

"She heard no sound before her gate,
Though very quiet was her bower.
All was as her hand had left it late:
The needle slept on the broidered vine,
Where the hammer & spikes of the passion-flower
Her fashioning did wait."

-Helen Gray Cone,

The passion of the vine...

And to the oddities:

Musical interlude...

Your love is rain
My heart the flower
I need your love or i will die
My very life is your power
Will i wither and fade or bloom to the sky

Aqua de beber
Give the flower water to drink
Aqua de beber
Give the flower water to drink

The rain can fall
On distant deserts
The rain can fall upon the sea
The rain can fall upon the flower
Since the rain has to fall let it fall on me

Aqua de beber
Give the flower water to drink
Aqua de beber
Give the flower water to drink

OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Hope you enjoyed.

You can never hold back Spring.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Is My 100th Blog Post

OK, so I've been out of touch, hiding out, some might say, just had bloggers's block...

Oh well.

WHATEVER! (Some of you will know what that is.)

So, oil is hovering around $100 a bbl, gas, three and change.


It's early June, 1974, last week of school, and I'm a sophomore in high school. For our World History class, the last couple of days, sort of a vacation present, we watched Lawrence of Arabia. I was riveted. Oh, I had studied the so called "Arab-Israeli Conflict", back in 9th grade, and touched upon it again in this history class.

At the beginning of the school year, there was the Yom Kippur war and then the 6 month long Arab oil embargo, cause the '73 oil crisis, which didn't end until March of '74. Gas lines, price tripled, rationing, oh great, just a couple of months before I was to get my drivers' license (and I couldn't fucking WAIT for that), and now I'm screwed, won't even be able to afford gas. I was so sick of riding my bike over to my gf's house and trying to "make-out" on her parents' couch while they were away for a bit. I wanted to "makeout" like like every other red-blooded american boy, on the bench seat of my parents' station wagon, at the local Drive-In.

Sure, there was some historical revisionism in the movie Lawrence of Arabia, but still, it was a HELL of a story and a cinematic masterpiece, one of the top 10 films of all time.

And what was the top song of the time?
How ironic.

One of the biggest hits of the early '70s, "Midnight at the Oasis" took Maria Muldauer from being an eclectic folkie to a bona fide pop star. The entire song and record are built around the atmosphere, which is so sensual and evocative that it was probably one of the most replayed records of the era and also may be responsible for the most pregnancies from a record during the mid-'70s. The sprightly, uptempo rhythm and melody, which is vaguely blues-based, sway as seductively as a belly dancer, cleverly echoing the lyrics which tell a near-cinematic fantasy of a Middle Eastern romance (this was acceptable on the pop charts in the mid-'70s) that made it an R-rated AM delight. Maria Muldauer's kittenish vocal is perfect for the song, yet the real stars of the record may be the sweeping string arrangement by Nick DeCaro and Amos Garrett's extraordinary electric guitar work. Heavily influenced by Les Paul, Garrett's jazzy, slithering style colors the song with a sweet and sour series of fills and solos, which helped the song become both a commercial and critically successful crossover record. All of these elements were flawlessly pulled together by a production team of Lenny Waronker and Joe Boyd, as well as engineer Lee Hirshberg, who's warm, clear sonics made this one of the finest-sounding records of the 1970s. Some may find it hard to believe that one of the biggest fans of the record was none other than Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page .

Henry Freaking Kissinger came up with a plan in 1974 for America to achieve energy independence...
Can you believe that?

It ain't worth dealing with the various tribal factions in the mid-east, nor do we need their oil, we only get 15% of our imported oil from there anyway. Easily saved by conservation, or taking over Canada's supplies. heh.

Do you know where you're going to?

Another big hit from 1974:

Just friends? Nope, not hardly.

peace out.

I remain,
Green Libertarian.
Google it.

Oh, and is are children learning? I sure freaking hope so.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Come?

First, a report from the anti-war vigil I attended tonight:

My friend Paul, the Community College Prof who got kicked out as a teacher from the Jesuit university that my daughter plans to attend for berating their administration for not allowing "The Vagina Monologues" to be performed on campus had called me today to see what was up and whether I was going to the vigil against the war. Told him I was and I'd talk to him more there. I think he wants me to present at some sort of Bioneers thing that is happening here in Oct.

I drove downtown from a church thing with some anarchists (useless meeting, big surprise) on the west side of town for the vigil, got there a bit late. It was at the Tom Foley Federal Courthouse, directly across the street from the DeathStar, the Spokesman-Review's headquaters building. About 50 people there, not the largest gathering we've had, not the smallest either.

Saw my friend Bart, a former candidate for US House, retired teacher, Lands Council Board member, and long time activist. Wants me to come out to his house for a solar assessment. Saw my friend Tom and his son, Tom's the GU Philosophy professor and avowed Marxist. He and I almost got arrested at the 4th of July protest thing with the anarchists in the park. (18 people arrested for exercising their free speech rights on Independence Day.)

Later Tom gave a rousing speech to the group. Finally saw my friend Paul and his girlfriend, but never did get a chance to talk to him, and he didn't come on our walk from the Federal Building over to the park to put symbolic dog tags on the runner statues.

One of the speakers I'd never met before, but have seen him on the newspapers blogs. He's a retired Optometry doc, now a minister (I think) and runs a soup kitchen downtown at the big Methodist church. Also a Vietnam era vet, who served in Panama, not 'Nam. He's also on the board of PFlag Spokane. Great guy, we had a long talk afterwords. He had been a student of Bart's when Bart was a teacher. Also at the vigil, well, last time Chad Mitchell was there (he's from Spokane), but this time a wasn't but he wrote a song for the event, and another long time activist sung it and played guitar. We also had the Raging Grannies. Also saw my good friend Marianne from the Peace and Justice Action League. The mother of a female captain helo pilot who joined in 98 to do search and rescue missions for the Army, but is now in Iraq spoke very eloquently. Made me cry. All the names of the dead from the war from WA were read out loud. Very emotional. Had a few heckles but mostly support from passers-by.

Now for the main dish. Never saw the movie this is from, but the song and vid rocks, I think.

Love the one you're with.
In the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give. (paraphrasing)

Peace out.

People on the street now
Faces long and grim
Souls are feeling heavy
And faith is growing thin
Fears are getting stronger
You can feel them on the rise
Hopelessness got some by the throat you can see it in their eyes
I said how come
How come
Everybody on a shoestring
Everybody in a hole
Everybody crossing their fingers and toes
Government man spin his politics till he got you pinned
Everybody trying to reach out to each other
But they don't know where to begin
I said how come
I can't tell
the free world
from living hell
I said how come
How come
all I see
is a child of god
in misery
I said how come the pistol now as profit
The bullet some kind of lord and king
But pain is the only promise that this so called savior is going to bring
Love can be a liar
And justice can be a thief
And freedom can be an empty cup from which everybody want to drink
I said how come
I can't tell
the free world
from living hell
I said how come
How come
all i see
is a child of god
in misery
I said how come
Its just man killing man
Killing man
Killing man
Killing man
Killing man
I don't understand
Its just man killing man

Ray LaMontagne - How Come

Speaking of which:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eco-Note to you ladies sans partners, or with lame partners

Weak tongued jerks...

Antiblushing pills...